A solid board of directors is essential to a well-run organization or nonprofit. A member of the board must bring a variety of skills, insights and knowledge to the table to make decisions that are strategic and plan. They should also be a skilled communicater who can keep in touch between meetings and also be proactive in networking, fundraising, and other important tasks.

Consider a range of independent candidates who are acquainted with your field, and who are in alignment with your mission and vision. They might include trusted mentors like attorneys, CPAs and fellow entrepreneurs. It is important to have board members with prior experience as board members.

During the vetting process, be sure that the applicant is truly interested and willing to commit to being an active board member. It’s a significant commitment and it could not be a great fit for everyone.

It is also important to inquire about their other commitments and be realistic of the time they are able to dedicate to the board. It’s not productive to have an unproductive board. busy or underperforming.

It is preferential to have an even number of board members instead of an imbalanced one to avoid ties. It is essential to have enough board members to ensure the quorum of the board, but also to be able to get sound advice without being overwhelmed by too many voices.


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