Board reporting software makes it easier to communicate and collaboration, making it possible to perform a variety of management activities. Its features include meeting agendas and discussion tools, as well as e-signature capability, document annotation, review and archives. These features allow executives and board members to reduce time, boost their decision-making processes, and ensure compliance.

Preparation and planning are crucial to creating a powerful report for your board. The information you convey must be relevant, effective and concise, so that it can make a significant contribution to the discussion that takes place in your boardroom. The format and graphics you choose should be engaging and not overpowering. Utilizing too complex visuals could be overwhelming for the viewer, while plain text might be difficult to read and interpret.

With a wide range of board meeting reporting tools available, it’s important to choose a tool that can meet your specific needs. Some tools are designed to facilitate different tasks associated with meetings such as file-sharing services or virtual meeting platforms. Others are built specifically for board meetings, including agenda tools and tools for managing meetings or board portals.

Abacum is a cloud-based tool for reporting on board meetings, can help you speed up your report-making and distribution process. The dashboard and report templates can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your company. Its Continue Reading robust login and activity reports give useful information about member engagement and ensure that your board is well-informed. This tool is particularly useful for businesses who need to regularly report on operations, financial or worker metrics.

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