Successful remote meetings require the same amount of planning like in-person gatherings. You need to be specific about the agenda, and ensure that attendees have reviewed pre-reads to ensure that the meeting’s sharing goes smoothly and that all important issues are discussed. If you are able to walk out of the meeting feeling like everything went according to plan this is when you know your meetings with remote teams are efficient.

If your meetings don’t result in results, they are a waste of time and money for the entire business. This is why remote teams need to invest in the tools and strategies that enable meetings to be successful. Meetings are an integral component of the working process however, if they’re not properly managed they can be a distraction and even detrimental to distributed workers. In reality, meetings are often the largest productivity drain for teams that are globally distributed, especially those that have to manage multiple time zones.

It’s not as difficult as it might appear to conduct an productive and engaging virtual meeting. By following a few best practices to assist your team to be on the same page, stay focused and be more productive during virtual sessions. Here are eight strategies that will help you run successful remote meetings.

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